Web Mining Software

From Web-Page to Database with One Click

ZoloPages® is a Name extractor, Address extractor, Phone extractor, Fax extractor, URL extractor, Email extractor for any web page with deployed data, such as the yellow pages of any country.

Fully customizable, it enables you to develop your own ZoloPages® to carry out tedious data mining tasks, such as (but not limited to) retrieving data from the white pages or pink, yellow, green pages in almost any country in the world today.

You can grab data from the web in no time!
ZoloPages® can then save the data you've selected in Microsoft Excel CSV format for future use. ZoloPages® is free for non-commercial use.

What does ZoloPages® do?

  • It captures the names, addresses, emails, phone and fax numbers, web site URLs, of potential prospects on any given page.
  • It then saves the captured data to database text format (CSV) to be used with Excel or Access.
  • It costs nothing for casual users. This is the freeware edition!
  • Heavy users will need to test our other software: PageRaptor and CatchaPage!